Translational Epigenetics Laboratory

Research overview

Our research focuses on dissecting the structure-to-function relationship of the human genome at the molecular level. We wish to understand how chromatin integrates the various signaling stimuli of its environment to control transitions between homeostatic and deregulated functional programs. We particularly ask how changes along the linear DNA fiber translate into dynamic higher-order regulatory networks. Ultimately, by deciphering the general rules governing transcriptional and chromatin homeostasis, we will be able to compile a parsimonious set of rules that allows prediction of how a cell might respond during development, in ageing or upon malignancy.

What we do (for the non-scientific audience)

The efforts of the Human Genome Project have revealed the sequence of the billions of bases in our chromosomes. However, how these very long molecules fold in 3D space, and how this folding allows our genes to be expressed at the right time and place, still eludes us. We are currently trying to generate 3D maps of the human genome to identify gene neighborhoods. This should allow us to understand the rules that govern gene function, and to predict how a cell might respond in disease or ageing.

Contact us/Open positions

Currently there no open positions in our lab.


We are always looking for highly motivated undergraduate and postgraduate researchers with an interest in molecular, RNA, and/or computational biology that want to work on the interface of genome organization, cellular ageing, cancer, and transcriptional regulation. Our lab offers cross-disciplinary training that involves both "wet" and "dry" lab approaches.


If you are interested please contact the Group Leader by email ( with your CV, letter of motivation, and recommendations from at least two academic referees.


How to find us? We are currently located on the 2nd floor of the main UMG building (Room 2.E1.216).


Postal address:

AG Papantonis: Translational Epigenetics
Institute of Pathology, University Medical Center,
Georg-August University of Göttingen,
Robert-Koch-Str. 40, 37075 Göttingen, Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)551 39 65734